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what my clients have to say

Murika was brilliant in the sessions I had with her. She helped me understand my nutrition and how I could improve it in order to help me achieve my goals. Six months later and I am still following her advice to many positive returns! 

-Alex, London

Purple Cabbage

I suffered for years with severe pain during my menstrual cycle and since implementing the nutrition plan Murika gave me, I've seen the most incredible difference in my health. I now have little to no pain during my cycle and I put this down to the changes to my diet and the awareness of my own body. Both of which I have Murika to thank. I am so thankful for her expertise. She had a caring holistic approach to my health and it has made a world of difference to me.  

-Esther, London

Spring Onion

Murika helped me overcome my acid reflux and manage my symptoms by giving great diet therapies and nutritional advice. The couple of sessions I had with her transformed my well-being and have helped me keep my symptoms at bay. She is a very considerate and thoughtful therapist who listened patiently and helped the healing by using a natural and holistic approach. 

-Jude, London


Murika was wonderful to work with; she made me feel really comfortable and gave me enlightening practical information and advice on improving my diet. She was lovely and supportive  and the whole experience made me feel much more in control of my health. 

-Stacey, London

Garlic Cloves

I came to see Murika with some digestive problems and for general nutrition advice. She conducted an in-depth assessment and made me feel at ease when answering her questions. After gaining an understanding of my symptoms and diet, Murika gave me a specialised plan to follow as well as helpful tips. Throughout the consultation she was super friendly, professional, calming, and so easy to talk to. After following her plan for a couple months, my digestive issues have eased and I cannot thank her enough! 

- Lillian, London

Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

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